Saturday, 26 March 2011

I Missed the Football

I got home later than expected, just after lunch, checked the football at 12:45, and found the matches I wanted to play were starting at 13:00. I probably had time to set up but don’t like rushing things to get ready so shelved it. I missed a good opportunity as I calculated a rough profit from £3 - £4 possibly a bit more, but never mind.

With a bit more time to prepare I did some pre race trading (for nothing) but it was good to do it again as it’s been a couple of months since I last did it. It’s more fun too, than waiting for time to pass during a football match.

So for the week (well, Friday 18th – Saturday 26th) I’m £7 better off!

Have a good weekend.


Friday, 25 March 2011

Exit Strategy

I spent some time on Thursday analysing the last weeks trading to find an effective exit strategy for what I am currently doing. I am glad I did as it worked a treat today, which could have been very poor indeed.

I did two 17:00 matches which ended with a 7p loss and five 19:45 matches which ended with a £1.22 gain, netting an overall £1.15 gain for the day.

The exit strategies I looked at yesterday helped in limiting any loss and returned another profit. Not as much as I would like but while I’m testing this I’m not prepared to risk a great deal.

£23.20 still needed to recover the BAP subscription, but getting there.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.



Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In & Out in 15 Minutes!

Just a quick update, traded two matches today, one was profitable the other wasn’t. Both kicked off at 20:00 and I traded out 15 minutes later to a £1.27 net gain. The maximum risk was -£8.92, but never achieved anywhere near that, peaking at -£1.03.

I’m short of my £1.00 per day needed to recover the BAP subscription (by 36p) but have only traded on 4 days, Fri, Sat, Mon & today. I now have £24.35 to go having profited by £5.64 since the purchase.

Must go, some more stats to look at!



Monday, 21 March 2011

How Do I Measure Up?

I did 3 matches today, no real concerns, all done & dusted within the space of 20 minutes and a net gain of £1.14. This still leaves me £25.62 to recover for the BAP subscription but I’m chipping away at it with no real danger?

What does concern me is that I do not know how well I am doing and I need to measure it in some way. It could be that the way I am trading I am achieving a poor result, it could be that it’s a good result.

I know it’s only 3 days but I need to know what the effect will be if it does not work, I can only hypothesise and the hypothetical maximum loss I would have experienced is the £10+ I noted on Saturday.

I do believe that it could be worse but need the actual situation to occur to enable me to learn more from they way I am trading.

But, hey ho, I’ll keep the positives as frequent as possible, I've given other punters my hard earned over the last few years ;-)



Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cross Functionality?

What does it mean? Well it enables me to look at several markets at the same time on a single tab of a spreadsheet.

By using Bet Angels “Guardian” feature and integrating it with their Excel link I can monitor positions in more than one market and make decisions, with a little greater knowledge, based on my overall net position.

Today I tried 7 markets at the same time (as opposed to 3 yesterday) though, whilst it gave me a few fraught moments checking everything, I achieved a greater profit but at lower ROI (7.00%)

The ROI calculation is based on leaving all trades unattended and achieving no wins or trades at all, this came to £29.16 when really the greatest deficit I could envisage was only £10.82 giving a ROI of just short of 20%.

Cross Functionality, or whatever you want to call it, means I can be a bit more focussed, or is it lazier? Oh, and by the way, £26.76 to go!



Friday, 18 March 2011

Another Go?

Time has been against me for… over a year? Well I didn’t realise it had been that long since I last posted.

I’ve not been inactive but have been unable to do any serious trading for a long time, the job is keeping me from it. However I have “kept my hand in" on a few things.

Last weekend I was doing some research on odds movement on football matches and stumbled upon something that may work for me, we’ll just have to see.

Anyway, I took the plunge today and renewed (for 1 month only) my Bet Angel Pro subscription and tried the strategy I’ve been looking at. Producing a net gain of £1.19 (an ROI of 8.95%) it seems to have worked, well for today at least.

I’m planning to have another go tomorrow if time permits. I need to as I’ve still another £28.80 to recover the cost of 1 months BAP subscription by the 18th April.



Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Last Week

Just a quick note really to let you know what happened last week.

Not having a great deal of time to trade I managed a small profit over the week of £3.71 pre race trading. I did have a small attempt at the greyhounds last week as well, the first time in ages, but nothing much to write home about there with a small profit of £0.11

I’ve had no spare time this week at all but hopefully will get an afternoons trading in tomorrow (Thursday).